peace tea

As I sat in my thinking chair

Sipping Peace Tea and reading philosophy

I noticed a sign on the tea:

“True freedom comes

With great responsibility –

We must think for ourselves”

How often do we really

Think for ourselves nowadays

Why would we

When we can just google it

It scares me

How our minds

Can literally rationalize


Just to make us feel

Like maybe we’re still

Good people

Too scared to offend

Too busy to care

But I saw a glimmer of hope

Last night in the eyes

Of my friends

and I realized

it just takes one voice

One person to stand up

And say

I’m just gonna be honest,

I’m in a tough place

And I need help

An honest answer

Is like a kiss on the lips

And an honest person

Can change the world

Sometimes people

Will surprise you

But you won’t be surprised

If you never take a chance

IF you’re always

Fearing rejection

You’ll never find


“be the change

You wish to see

In the world”

…but actually.

 Love your neighbor

as yourself


yet still rejoicing

Through the sleepless nights

Find rest

And through the pain

We can learn

To love again


2 thoughts on “peace tea

  1. This is lovely.
    Well not really, it’s bighting, but that’s just part of what I find beautiful about it.

    To be or not to be has in fact become the question.
    We’re too busy hearing to listen. Too busy being alone to fill our minds, and too busy trying to be liked to speak them.

    Liked by 1 person

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