a thought for a thought

It’s too much to handle

The weight of the world

On my shoulders

The struggle

The pain

The violence

So desensitized

We see right past

The poverty

The misery

“That’s life”

“C’est la vie”

WE pretend

To care

We buy Toms shoes

One for one

But did you know

That Toms

Has put local shoemakers

In Africa

Out of jobs

Destroyed livelihoods

In order

To make us

Here in America

Feel like we’re

Good people

Not just consumers

But givers

I own a pair

Of Toms.

We are all


Giving to charity

Having pity on the poor

But pity won’t

Do anything

For anyone

Unless it motivates




Intentions and motives

Are crucial.

So let’s stop

Trying to make


Feel good

About ourselves

And start

Trying to

Work for

A higher purpose

A better cause

Than causing pleasure

For ourselves

Take the focus

OFF of ourselves

And put it


Other people

And the world

Just may


A little bit

 For the



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