anti-itch cream

I hate that title

with a burning passion

but I have an itch in my heart

And I long to scratch it

Dreadful temptation

Consuming indecisiveness

I guess I’m learning

that sometimes

losing yourself isn’t a bad thing

and maybe

losing yourself

is the only way

to find yourself

or at least,

find the person

You are meant to be.


Maybe questioning isn’t such a bad thing

Even if it doesn’t lead to answers

Right away

Maybe instant gratification

Is the exact thing

We should striving away from


“Be patient towards all

that is unresolved in your

heart and try to love the

questions themselves.


Do not now seek the

answers which could not

be given you because you

would not be able to live



And the point is to live

everything. Live the

questions now. Perhaps

then, on some distant day

You will gradually,

without even noticing it,

Live your way into the


-Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet


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