cookie cutter confessions

“Writing is the act of burning through the fog in your mind.

Don’t carry the fog out on paper.

Even if you are not sure of something,

express it as though you know yourself.

With this practice you eventually will.”

                -Natalie Goldberg, Writing Down the Bones


How alive I feel.

reading words like these.

nothing excites my spirit

like the honest words

of a kindred spirit.

I despise that

the learning that

produces a bigger salary

bores me so much

but maybe that’s a good thing

because part of me thinks

becoming rich

is the worst thing

that could happen to someone.

Why can’t I pay attention

to the classes I take

my mind wanders

& explores the depths

of the soul

While the profs discuss

anatomy and Homer

Philosophy fascinates me

but it sparks thoughts

unrelatable to things

I’ll be tested on

Maybe I’m not

cut out for this

maybe I’m not

cut out for anything

But maybe cookie cutters

Are too conforming

Maybe I have to cut my

own shape

or allow God

to shape me

Crap, gotta pay attention

to the world around me

Can’t get too lost

in my own world

“Know thyself,

live the examined life”

That’s a cool thought.

Whenever I write for

school my hand always


But whenever I write

for truth itself

the words simply

fly onto the page

by themselves.

Too much energy


this is what I get

for eating caffeine

& drinking peace tea

What might it be like

to not have

the irrepressible urge

to write down

everything you’re thinking

I feel compelled

and perhaps even obligated

but not in a forceful way


what is the point

of sharing

if it does not ignite hope

in the hearts of others

I can’t think of anything

more worthwhile

& even though

it may not be as prestigious as nursing

& though

you may not be

as proud of me

I am called.

“What can writers learn from

lizards, lift from birds?

In quickness is truth.

The faster you blurt,

the more swiftly you write,

the more honest you are.

In hesitation is thought.

In delay comes the effort

for style,

instead of leaping

upon truth

which is the only


worth dead-falling

or tiger-trapping.”

                -Ray Bradbury, Zen in the Art of Writing


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