scrambling scribbled egg thoughts


I find myself using you

for your mind

for your stories

for your heart

so much to learn from you

about the world

about myself

but I feel



focused on

what I can get

out of this

and with that attitude

no relationship can succeed

the faster you type

the faster the truth

comes out

the painful,



that is

the reality

of humanity.

Wow, that was so depressing

I hate seeing you sad

not talking

silence will be

the end of us

we have to fight

the urge

to not be a burden

and instead

look out for one another

be honest, truthful


communication is key,

they all say.

so why is it so difficult

is it just our generation?

have we gotten worse

because technology,

or has it always been

this hard

but in different ways..?

“it’s addictive

the minute you let yourself think”

and isn’t that the truth.



every move

might just be

the death of me


is a decision

in and of itself

dang, never thought

of it like that.

Too many options,

too much time

You matter to me

and I’m learning

how to get my

priorities straight

but it’ll take time

and effort

and it won’t be easy

selfishness is easy

locking the world out

looking out for yourself

because everyone just ends

up disappointing you, right?

Or do they.

I feel like I just keep

writing about the same things

but I feel like people aren’t

really getting it

including me.

it just feels good to think

to get thoughts out on paper

and reading it again

helps me to make sense

of my own twisted thoughts


when life comes to take its toll

it is medicine for the soul


everything happens for a reason

and this is just another season


life is just a flicker

compared to the bigger picture


through the darkness,

look towards the light.


you’ll find your reason

to fight.



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