It’s hard to find anyone who actually cares about anything

We live in an apathetic world full of people

who are more concerned about being called racist

than they are with actual racism,

as Macklemore puts it in his song “White Privilege II”


“You can join the march, protest, scream and shout

Get on Twitter, hashtag and seem like you’re down

But they see through it all, people believe you now?

You said publicly, “Rest in peace, Mike Brown”

You speak about equality, but do you really mean it?

Are you marching for freedom, or when it’s convenient?

Want people to like you, want to be accepted

That’s probably why you are out here protesting

Don’t think for a second you don’t have incentive

Is this about you, well, then what’s your intention?

What’s the intention? What’s the intention?”


Damn. We’re so concerned with being politically correct

so concerned with making it look like we care

but really, what is the intention?

Sorry to be the one to say it

but a lot of the time,

it’s to make ourselves look good to others

and to feel good about ourselves.


“Damn, a lot of opinions, a lot of confusion, a lot of resentment

Some of us scared, some of us defensive

And most of us aren’t even paying attention

It seems like we’re more concerned with being called racist

Than we actually are with racism

I’ve heard that silences are action and God knows that I’ve been passive

What if I actually read an article, actually had a dialogue

Actually looked at myself, actually got involved?

If I’m aware of my privilege and do nothing at all, I don’t know

Hip-hop has always been political, yes

It’s the reason why this music connects

So what the fuck has happened to my voice if I stay silent when black people are dying

Then I’m trying to be politically correct?

I can book a whole tour, sell out the tickets

Rap entrepreneur, built his own business

If I’m only in this for my own self-interest, not the culture that gave me a voice to begin with

Then this isn’t authentic, it is just a gimmick

The DIY underdog, so independent

But the one thing the American dream fails to mention

Is I was many steps ahead to begin with

My skin matches the hero, likeness, the image

America feels safe with my music in their systems

And it’s suited me perfect, the role, I’ve fulfilled it

And if I’m the hero, you know who gets cast as the villain


White supremacy isn’t just a white dude in Idaho

White supremacy protects the privilege I hold

White supremacy is the soil, the foundation, the cement and the flag that flies outside of my home

White supremacy is our country’s lineage, designed for us to be indifferent

My success is the product of the same system that let off Darren Wilson – guilty

We want to dress like, walk like, talk like, dance like, yet we just stand by

We take all we want from black culture, but will we show up for black lives?

We want to dress like, walk like, talk like, dance like, yet we just stand by

We take all we want from black culture, but will we show up for black lives?”


“Black Lives Matter, to use an analogy, is like if… if there was a subdivision and a house was on fire. The fire department wouldn’t show up and start putting water on all the houses because all houses matter. They would show up and they would turn their water on the house that was burning because that’s the house that needs the help the most.

“My generation’s taken on the torch of a very age-old fight for black liberation, but also liberation for everyone. Injustice anywhere is still injustice everywhere. — The best thing white people can do is talk to each other, having those very difficult, very painful conversations with your parents, with your family members. — I think one of the critical questions for white people in this society is, ‘What are you willing to risk? What are you willing to sacrifice to create a more just society?'”


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