we all have them, though some are invisible.

sometimes i wish i could get rid of mine

while other times i’m glad for the constant reminder

that humans aren’t perfect

so i shouldn’t expect myself  to be.


i think about the reason for my scars

some were accidental

some were intentional

and while i have no problem with people seeing the accidents

i feel as though i should hide the intentionals



telling myself lies

about why i should hide

why should i hide?

who gives a fuck what others think

my story gives life,

for when i sink

God shows me how to swim


for when i’m lost

God shows me where i am

for when i cry and am unsure

God shows me who i am

so maybe my scars

are just another reminder

of God’s mercy and grace

and the unfailing love God has

that no one could ever replace.


Prompt: Scars


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