The Purpose of Anger

James tells me be quick to listen,

slow to speak, slow to anger.

Yet i am weak

for without an anchor

to turn the other cheek

is not oft my answer.


What purpose does anger serve?

Can it be used to change minds?

The injustices we observe

Throughout all of humankind

Should it not strike a nerve?


Peaceful protests prevail

Yet chaos ensues

Disruption can fail

Be careful not to abuse

Because the television news

Can paint it however they choose.


It’s a fucked-up world

With a lot of pain

Bullets being hurled,

no happiness to be gained.

Yet in a dreamworld

it could be obtained


Can anger lead to hope,

If channeled just right?

Some say nope

while others can see the light.

Yet we all must cast a vote

and see where this takes flight.


Prompt: Angry


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