You are called to challenge the system, not to fight.

To find the answers you’ve been looking for in nature and me, not in the world’s system, not in politics, not in the city, not in anyone else but me.

You are a warrior against the enemy, not against your neighbor.

Even when your neighbor may seem like your enemy, you are still called to love them.

It may be tough, but you are called for a higher purpose.

I have called you to love, not to fight.

I have called you to make peace, not to start strife.

For you are in the world but not of it, you are the church, but not a result of the church’s submission to the patriarchal social structure.

Because of this, you may need to challenge the organized church’s ways at times. However, I have called you to do so in love, not in anger.

Not by judging them, but by loving them enough to set them free.

For only by the truth are we set free.


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