A prayer for Donald Trump

Dear Creator God,

Thank you for sending your perfect son Jesus to Earth. Jesus showed us by example how we are supposed to treat others. And Jesus never lost sight of someone’s potential. So Lord, I lift Donald Trump up to you, a man who has caused much hurt to many people through his words and actions.

God, you used Nebuchadnezzar in his pride. “If Nebuchadnezzar had never had such arrogance, he never would have built the statue to himself, the three Hebrew boys never would have demonstrated God’s power, and the people of Babylon would not have been given such exposure to God. It was law that the people of a kingdom follow the king’s religion. God knew this. Nebuchadnezzar’s pride made him build such a monument and God allowed that. We can almost see the arrogant statements that Nebuchadnezzar made: ‘I’m tha man! No one can stop me!’ ‘You’d better serve me, fool; don’t you know who I am? You’d better recognize!” (The Soul of Hip Hop by Daniel White Hodge).

Lord, this political season has caused a great divide between the people living on this land. And though we can try to understand your ways, you are not a formula. But you do bring beauty from ashes, life from death (literally)…So God, I ask that you make something good come out of this.

God, I ask that you change Donald’s heart and take the scales off of his eyes to see that America was never great NOR under you because it was rooted in the dehumanization of everyone who wasn’t a white male, and that doesn’t have anything to do with the Gospel of Jesus. So God, I pray that you take this ugly, painful election and make beautiful things rise up in people. I pray for social change, I pray for hearts and minds to be opened. I pray for peace through the calamity. Love trumps hate. And ultimately, I trust you, God. And I invite you into this mess with me and everyone else.

In Jesus name I pray,



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