Free at last

Jesus, you saved me, but your Christians enslaved me.

You spoke words of freedom while they spoke works of redeeming
Now I understand why Gandhi wrote what he did when he said
he likes you but not the ones who followed after.

Right Christian, wrong Christian, which one are you?
If I don’t fit in a box, am i not human?
They want so desperately for me to find my place, but I keep finding you in a different space
Than they had ever shown me, taught me, or told me
But Jesus, you’re here, in truth you clothed me

Hate the sin, love the sinner
But when we redefine sin to fit whatever we’re not doing
We just end up hating everyone different from us.

In the places where they told me never to go
I see you most clearly, feel you most deeply
All the fear they instilled has suddenly disappeared
And I’m free in your presence, of myself, I give

Free at last, free at last, how great it feels to be free at last.


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