Minimalist Fashion Project 333

33 clothing items for 3 months. That may seem like a lot or a little to some of you, but for me, I just donated half of my wardrobe the other day and still have too much.

After going to Guatemala for a month, I’m realizing how little I actually need, and how the excess in my life is causing me anxiety. So I’ve decided to take on the 333 Project for the next 3 months.

I’m really excited to start going through my closet and choosing my favorite things, then boxing up the rest.

These everyday items are not counted as part of the 33 items – ring, underwear, sleep, in-home lounge wear, and workout clothing. I’m also not counting my winter coat because I live in Minnesota, or my backpack because I’m a student.

The process:


Callie Schmidt’s Project 333 List:

  1. Light-wash denim jeans
  2. Green jeggings
  3. Black leggings
  4. Grey leggings
  5. Mountain joggers
  6. Maroon black and teal dress shirt
  7. Red and black sweater
  8. Maroon and white sweater
  9. Teal and black Mexican baja hoodie
  10. Green sweater
  11. MN teal and grey quarter-sleeve
  12. Black long-sleeve shirt
  13. Teal flannel
  14. Red and black flannel
  15. Denim long-sleeve shirt
  16. Black North Face zip-up
  17. Green trench coat
  18. Black and white striped shirt
  19. Black t-shirt dress
  20. Grey MN t-shirt
  21. Black BLM shirt
  22. Green t-shirt
  23. Navy and flower long-sleeved romper
  24. Black t-shirt
  25. Black and white pattern leggings
  26. Denim romper
  27. Black combat boots
  28. Brown combat boots
  29. Snow boots
  30. Patagonia hat
  31. LYM hats
  32. UP NORTH beanie
  33. Guatemala bag

Reflection after finishing:

I feel weird. I had no idea I even had so many clothes. My roommate Angela walked in before she had to leave for work, and she asked how I expected to fit all of my clothes in four boxes. I ended up having to use a small suitcase to pack up some of my shoes I’m not going to wear this season, and I filled up large bag of clothes and shoes to donate to Goodwill.

I feel better. Less anxious, but worried I won’t be able to do it, to actually only wear these items for the next 3 months. I didn’t count the occasional dressy clothes that I might need to wear to journalism conferences because those are special occasions, but I just hope I have enough to account for the crazy changing weather of Minnesota.

I listened to the playlist I made before going to Guatemala, and I think that helped me finish it. I’m excited to see how this changes my perspective on clothes for the next 3 months. I’m excited to see how this changes me.



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