Picking berries

Regret. Simple. Wholesome. Relation. Nature. Berries. Mankind. Health. Happiness. Inspiration


I remember picking raspberries from my neighbor’s yard through the fence.

I always tried to find the biggest, juiciest ones.

My brother sometimes tried to reach over the fence

but we told him that was cheating.

it was a simple, pure joy –

the act of picking a berry from a branch.


The relation between mankind and nature

has always puzzled me.

I’ve recently discovered the connection

between women’s bodies and nature

through reading Terry Tempest Williams —

both have been taken advantage of,

objectified for personal pleasure,



Inspiration is such a funny thing.

It comes and goes

like leaves on trees.

To create wholesome health,

creative energy needs to be nurtured

just like the earth.

Happiness is a construct

but everything seems like a construct to me these days.

Sometimes I regret putting myself out there

taking too many chances

gambling with my heart.


I try to be safe

“Guard your heart,” my mother always says.

But if I put up a guard rail

it would change the shape of my heart,

causing it to turn into something it wasn’t meant to be.

Maybe some people are meant to get hurt more than others.

Maybe I’m supposed to be stronger


Sometimes I wonder if I’m still capable

of finding joy in small things like picking berries

when my mind has so many others things to worry about.

Sometimes I wonder if my mind has ever been quiet.

I wish I had more time to think about these kinds of things.

Maybe I’ll try to find the time

because I haven’t felt very wholesome

or healthy lately.


that’s another thing –


It kinda freaks me out,

to be honest.

We plan our whole lives

around the clock.

I feel like Google Calendar

runs my life

instead of the other way around.

Were humans supposed to live this way?

Tethered to a charging cord?

I know, I know.

Yada yada technology is bad,

that’s not what I’m saying.

But really think about it for a moment.

When was the last time

you saw something beautiful in nature

and didn’t feel the urge to photograph it?

I’m guilty, as well.

But we’ve never asked nature for permission

or spent enough time to really get to know a place

to be able to truly capture it well.


Maybe we should go back to painting landscapes.

You have to study for hours,

soaking in all the senses.

Listening to nature,

respecting it.


Giving the trees that give us breath

room to breathe.


Regret. Simple. Wholesome. Relation. Nature. Berries. Mankind. Health. Happiness. Inspiration



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