The stages of cages

Every one lives in a cage.

For some, it’s their emotions. For others, it’s popping pills. And for me – for me it’s myself.
It’s the thing that holds us back from becoming more.

It can be chugging alcohol on the weekends, smoking a bowl after work a few days a week.
It’s the little stuff we think isn’t a big deal that secretly holds us captive, controls us without us even being aware.


The need we feel to check Instagram just one more time, kinda like the fridge when there’s nothing new.
Why do we do what we do? Are we really in control of our actions?
The way our thoughts loop memories, the way we zone out in space thinking about our to-do lists.
Or is that just what it means to be human? A constant stream of subconsciousness that slowly makes us all crazy

We fantasize about being awesome in a future career, or being in love. But reality is never as good as the fantasy. The Great Gatsby taught us all that.


But when we finally start doing something we’re proud of, then we start realizing how much more there is – life comes along and knocks us back into our cages. A bitter cycle we come to recognize too late.

What am I saying…I’m only 20. I think I just think too much. Better than not thinking enough, I suppose.


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